Industrial Adhesives

Purechem Adhesives:

  • Adhesives used in carton pasting, flap pasting, paper tube manufacturing & corrugated carton production which is suitable for high speed machines with roller & nozzle applications.
  • Adhesives for labeling of glass bottles including beer bottles, PET & PVC bottles etc.
  • Adhesives for imparting stiffness to textile fabrics.
  • Hot melt adhesives used in Tetrapack manufacturing which includes straw & cap applications, tray & carton formation.
  • Hot melt adhesives for high quality book binding with various spine thicknesses and different types of paper.
  • Hot melt adhesives for carton closing and flap pasting.
  • Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives for PET, metal & glass bottles which are suitable for both paper and plastic labels.
  • Super high solids adhesive for spray application in foam bonding.
  • Hot melt adhesives used in the furniture industry for bonding ABS and PVC edge bands to boards like MDF, plywood or chipboards.
  • One-component PU dispersions for vacuum and membrane press machines with high heat resistance and smooth application for 3-D furniture fronts.