Construction Chemicals

The Fosroc we know today was formed from the merger in 1991 between Fosroc and Expandite, another successful construction chemicals company in existence since 1934. The two companies were complementary to one another with Expandite, a market leader in sealants & waterproofing, while Fosroc was at the forefront of concrete repairs, admixtures and grouting technology. The decision to combine both companies created one of the largest and most successful construction chemicals suppliers in the world.

As well as a memorable logo, which has become synonymous with quality, Fosroc has many instantly recognizable product brands in the industry including Galvashield, Nitoseal, Thioflex, Proofex, Renderoc and Conbextra.

Fosroc has attained a reputation for developing innovative products. By listening to its clients needs, Fosroc has introduced products that the market requires in the following areas:


  • Wide range of adhesives covering concrete bonding agents, tile adhesives/grouts & general purpose adhesives.
  • Range includes resin & cement based.
  • Product brands include Nitobond & Nitotile.

Admixtures for concrete

  • Products for both ready-mix and pre-cast markets.
  • Range includes polycarboxylates, superplasticisers and plasticisers.
  • Product brands include Conplast, Cebex & Structuro.

Buildings products

  • Range includes multi-purpose renders & polypropylene fibres.

Cement grinding aids

  • Cemex & Auracem range of performance & strength enhancers

Concrete repairs

  • Comprehensive product range for all concrete repair applications.
  • Products include cementitious & epoxy repair mortars.
  • Product brands include Renderoc & Nitomortar.

Grouts and anchors

  • Comprehensive product range for all grouting applications.
  • Range includes cement & resin based precision grouts, cable grouting & anchoring products.
  • Product brands include Cebex, Conbextra & Lokfix.

Industrial floorings

  • Wide range of cementitious & resin based products.
  • Product range includes floor hardeners, epoxy/polyurethane coatings, cementitious & resin based self smoothing systems.
  • Product brands include Nitofloor & Cemtop.

Joint sealants

  • Wide range of sealants covering most civil engineering and building applications.
  • Range includes products based on silicones, polysulfides & polyurethanes and can be single part, multi part, gun grade or pouring grade.
  • Product brands include Nitoseal & Thioflex.  

Protective coatings

  • Wide range of coatings covering most civil engineering and building applications.
  • Range includes protective coatings for concrete & steel.
  • Product brands include Nitocote, Dekguard & Brushbond.

Surface treatments for mortar and concrete

  • Products for mould release, curing, acid etch.
  • Range includes resin & water based.
  • Product brands include Reebol & Concure.


  • Comprehensive range of waterproofing membranes & waterstops.
  • Self-adhesive & torch-on membranes, pre-applied membranes, spray applied membranes, hydrophilic & PVC waterstops available.
  • Product brands include Proofex and Supercast.